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Jerusalem Joy 50th Anniversary Performance April 2023

Jerusalem Joy 50th Anniversary Performance April 22nd 2023 Bromsgrove Baptist Church Filmed by Vicky Jane Kettell

Engraved Upon My Palms by Roger Jones - Lyric Video

Christian Music Ministries A lyric video for the song 'Engraved upon my palms' by Roger Jones with lyrics by Alison Fuggle. Soloists - Ann Steer and Louise Gudger. Music in this video Song: Engraved Upon My Palms Artist: Roger Jones Album: The Roger Jones Psalm Collection

Engraved upon my palms - our loving parenting God

Christian Music Ministries Teaching from Roger Jones around the theme of God's love for us, based on Isaiah 49:15-16, Hosea 11:1-4 and Luke 11:11​-13. This teaching video also features the song 'Engraved upon my palms' from the musical 'Snakes and Ladders' by Roger Jones, with lyrics by Alison Fuggle. For more information on the music of Roger Jones and the work of Christian Music Ministries, go to

The Leprosy Mission England and Wales

Unconditional Appeal Service - Allister du Plessis

Psalms Hymns and Songs - teaching from Roger Jones and CMM

Teaching on music and worship from Roger Jones, including demonstrations of psalms, hymns and songs.

Not too hot - a children's song for harvest by Roger Jones and Peter Lawrence

An original song by Roger Jones and Peter Lawrence, written and recorded to form part of the resource 'Squidgy Bod goes to Church' available from Christian Music Ministries.

When I Survey - Roger Jones

The beautiful hymn 'When I survey the wondrous cross' with a tune by Roger Jones. This was filmed by the CMM Office Staff during the Coronovirus Lockdown in 2020. This song originally featured in the musical 'Saints Alive'.

Gods Word in your life

Have we taken for granted how easily accessible God's word is? Perhaps we're not convinced of its relevance in modern times? Well this short message highlights the value of the bible, and the possible hindrances that we must overcome, if it is to do its work in our lives.

Thine Be The Glory

Virtual Choir from Aldridge Parish Church singing Thine Be The Glory.

A Virtual Leprosy Mission Service

The Leprosy Mission England and Wales - As we are unable to meet in person to hold Leprosy Mission events right now, we have produced a new virtual service for your church to use when you meet online.